Sunday 24 February 2013

Audiovisual 2011

November 23
Hour-long live broadcast from the Resonance FM studios of readings from The Bright Labyrinth’ with music from My Cat Is An Alien

May 27
Available online as a podcast from Little Atoms: the recording of the panel that took place at the Free Word Centre featuring KH, Angela Saini, Becky Hogge and Gia Milinovitch

May 16
A two-camera film of KH’s lecture delivered at the Ecole des Recherches Graphiques in Brussels on February 2 is posted on Vimeo as ‘Politiques de la Simulation’. To see the full video click here.
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April 9
‘How to Archive Yourself’ Archive Hour on BBC Radio 4, presented by Toby Amies, produced by Sarah Jane Hall
KH talks about data networks, the uploaded self and virtual memories. From the show: ‘Ken Hollings has been described as both a genius and an alien. He is the kind of writer who looks up at a million points of light in the sky and starts to connect the dots.’
The programme can be found here.

April 6
The video of KH’s lecture for Neville Brody’s Anti-Design Festival on September 21, 2010, is posted on Vimeo by Ignite Creative TV – to access the video click here.

April 1
KH talks about Paul Baran, formerly of the RAND Corporation and the Institute for the Future, on his contributions to the architecture of the Internet.

March 21- March 25
A series of fifteen-minute talks on how networks have shaped, and will continue shape, human consciousness
Essay 5: Heads In the Clouds
Essay 4 I’m Your Orange Juice
Essay 3 The Networks Go to War
Essay 2 Victorian Search Engines
Essay 1 Welcome to the Labyrinth
To access the entire series of essays from the BBC Radio 3 website, please click here.