Sunday 24 February 2013

Print Media 2011

Short story about the Kennedy family, the Space Race and the Nazis included in the New English Heretic Library anthology,Wyrd Tales 2

Introductory essay for the volume The Art of Worms, published by Touch/Bookworm to catalogue the designs for their Tapeworm cassette-only release label – cover art by Savage Pencil.

KH’s essay on utopian architecture and films of Mika Taanila, originally published in the Migros Museum catalogue Human Engineering is published on line as part of the documentation for the Kassel Documenta

Essay published as part of a special newspaper supplement to Bare Essentials: the Best of Nude Magazine 2003-2011 – the essay had originally appeared in Nude issue 11 for Spring 2007
KH’s profile of Italian multimedia space  artists My Cat Is An Alien is the cover story in issue 331 of the Wire

Notes from my lecture ‘The Psychoanalysis of Trash’ are reprinted in Pretty – Ugly, a limited edition publication from Hato Press.

‘Temporary Storage: Notes on the Dounreay Fast Reactor, Citadel of the Future’
Specially commissioned essay published as a stand-alone pamphlet to accompany screenings of Gair Dunlop’s ‘Atom Town’ film project. An online version is later made available by the V2 Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam. For more information, please click here.

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe: The Superhero as Camp Enigma'
KH’s essay on Flash Gordon, Ludwig II, Kenneth Anger and Andy Warhol is published in English in issue 2011.1 of the German academic journal Kritische Berichte, available from Jonas Verlag

A short interview with Simon Fisher Turner by KH about his soundtrack for the 1911 silent movie The Great White Silence in issue 328 of The Wire

Essay plus preliminary draft material for one of the chapters in the Bright Labyrinth (2013), dealing with Dali, The Dream of Venus pavilion, Martians and Modernism, published in Strange Attractor Journal Volume 4.

Essay on how the mechanical reproduction of sound has altered our sense of the past by creating a ghostly eternal present, published in issue 323 of The Wire