Sunday 24 February 2013

Events and Performances 2011

December 10
Backed by electronic sound artist Asterism, KH presents a reading of extracts from ‘The Storm Towers of Atlantis’, a short story published in the New English Heretic Library anthology Weird Tales 2, at Luminous Books in London

November 10
‘The Fear Factor’
Panel convened at the Bishopsgate Institute featuring KH, David Aaronovitch, Julie Bindel and Timandra Harkness, chaired by Little Atoms’ Neil Denny as part of the Institute’s ‘Whose Mind Is It Anyway? series

October 20
Special live music and spoken-word event at South Bank’s Bear Garden to celebrate the publication of Touch’s The Art of Worms booklet, featuring a specially commissioned essay by KH, ‘Parasitic Infestation: Some Notes on the Audiocassette Considered as a form of Technological Infection’
See also: Tapeworm Turns

June 23
A reading of extracts from Welcome to Mars as part of an event organized by Arts Catalyst for the first London screening of Gair Dunlop’s film ‘Atom Town’.

June 17
A reading of material from Welcome to Mars and The Bright Labyrinth as part of a live event at the British Library organized with the Radio Science Orchestra as part of ‘Out of this World’, the library’s exhibition of science-fiction literature and art.

May 23
Live panel event organized by Little Atoms at the Free Word Centre in London to look at the effects of networked technology on human behaviour – featuring KH, Angela Saini, Becky Hogge and Gia Milinovitch