Saturday, 24 January 2009

Events and Performances 2008

December 08
‘Welcome to Mars’

Reading from Welcome to Mars with screening and electronic soundtrack at Phlight before an invited audience

November 08
‘Mondo Mancunia’
A series of performances and events curated by Graham Massey of 808 State at the Shunt Vault from November 20-23
Night #4 Biting Tongues
Night #3
Biting Tongues
Night #2
Welcome to Mars and Dr X
Night #1
Ego In Exotica Sum

‘Welcome to Mars’
Live presentation and reading at a reception at the Horse Hospital to celebrate the publication of Welcome to Mars by Strange Attractor Press
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October 08
‘The Net’
Introducing Lutz Dammbeck’s feature film The Net at the Roxy Bar and Screen, event organized by Electric Sheep magazine
‘Mambo Italiano’
Live dialogue with Francesco Adinolfi, author of Mondo Exotica at Barbican 2 Cinema, with a screening of Mario Bava’s Danger: Diabolik. Event recorded by Resonance FM for broadcast in 2009.

September 08
‘Welcome to Mars’
Reading from Welcome to Mars with screening and electronic soundtrack held at the Other Cinema in San Francisco.
‘First Love’
Reading at the Horse Hospital as part of an evening of events to celebrate its fifteenth birthday. A slightly expanded version of this story is published in early 2009.

June 08
‘Welcome to Mars’
Reading from Welcome to Mars, live electronic music by Simon James, with tape loop manipulation by Curtis James, at the Conway Hall as part of Interesting 08. This event was recorded and subsequently released on the Welcome to Mars CD given away with the first 250 copies of the book.

May 08
‘Unnatural Histories’ Curated the ‘Unnatural Histories’ event at the Bethnal Green Workingman’s Club with Mark Pilkington to complete the Rational Rec 08 season. Contributors included London Fieldworks with Steve Beard, Gary Lachman a Ghost Box and a performance of ‘Prayer to Gojira’ with KH, Oort and Bruce Woolley.

April 08
‘Memories of the Future’/‘Born Under Sputnik’
Reading and performances with the Radio Science Orchestra at the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, University of Bath: part one featured extracts from Welcome to Mars and the second was a revised version of the ICA Sputnik show from October 07.
Reading and presentation from London Noir with Cathiu Unsworth and Martyn Waites at Foyles Book Shop in Charing X Cross to help promote ‘Get London Reading’ week. To hear a recording of the readings, click here.