Saturday, 24 January 2009

Audiovisual 2008

December 08
‘Welcome to Mars’
Programmes 9 -12 repeated on Resonance FM
Episode 12: Teenagers from Outer Space
Episode 11: Battle for the Mind
Episode 10: Contact with Space
Episode 9: Greetings, My Friend!

November 08
‘Welcome to Mars’
Programmes 5-8 repeated on Resonance FM
Episode 8: Popular Mechanics
Episode 7: Meet the Monsters
Episode 6: Other Tongues, Other Flesh
Episode 5: Red Planet

October 08
‘Welcome to Mars’
Programmes 1-4 repeated on Resonance FM
Episode 4: Absolute Elsewhere
Episode 3: Cheapness and Splendour
Episode 2: Flying Saucers over America
Episode 1: Rebuilding Lemuria

The complete Welcome to Mars is available as a series of podcasts. To download them for free, click here.

July 08
‘All Your Tomorrows Today’
KH’s extended feature on the history of the RAND Corporation gets a repeat airing on BBC Radio 3. To hear an MP3 of programme, click here.

‘Dr X: A Version of Events’
A short film documenting various performances of this text, at the Royal Institution, the Green Room Theatre and the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is posted on YouTube. For further information on the posting click here.
To view the ‘Skeleton Dance’ interlude from Dr X, click here.

‘Speed Data Radio’
Participated in Resonance FM’s Speed Data Radio event as part of this year’s LIFT on the South Bank.

June 08
Space Baby
First screening of the London Fieldworks short film Space Baby, scripted by KH held at the Whitechapel gallery. The film was produced by Arts Catalyst and subsequently shown at Less Remote: a conference on space and space exploration held in Glasgow in September 08. For more information on Space Baby, click on my blog post for September 4 2008
Related post: SpaceBaby Online

‘Denture Beach’/‘Heart Disease’
Two tracks by Biting Tongues are featured on the latest CD release from LTM’s Auteur Labels series, ‘New Hormones 1977-1982’ (LTMCD 2492). Alongside Buzzcocks, The Tiller Boys and Eric Random, Biting Tongues are represented by ‘Denture Beach’ from their ‘Live It’ release, plus a version of ‘Heart Disease’, recorded at the ICA on May 24, 2003. To watch footage from the ICA show click here.