Saturday 24 January 2009

Publications 2007

March 07
‘Staring at the Sun’
Publication of a specially commissioned essay on the use of digital animation, 3D CGI and the real-time processing of sound and image in the work of Semiconductor; the text is reproduced in the booklet insert for Worlds in Flux: a retrospective collection of their work released commercially on DVD by Fatcat Records.

May 07
‘Letter from Bergen’
Report on the 2007 Borealis Festival. Held in Bergen, Norway is published in The Wire. This international festival connects film, art installations and performances together in the form of a critical narrative, including installations from Banks Violet, work by Luigi Nono and Kaija Saariaho and performances by Single Unit and Sun O)))).

‘Babylon by the Sea: A Postcard from Coney Island’
Published in the Spring 07 edition of Nude magazine, this is a first-person account of a visit to Coney Island’s legendary Boardwalk in the company of American underground filmmaker Mark Boswell and his wife Susanne.

June 07
‘Letter from San Francisco’
Report from San Francisco is published in The Wire, including an account of Morton Subotnik’s performance at the Recombinant Media Lab, the Bldgblog conference at the California College of the Arts and an encounter with experimental filmmaker Craig Baldwin at the Artists’ Television Access.

November 07
‘Everything Is Going Extremely Well’
A new, specially commissioned text appears in the Autumn/Winter 07/08 edition of Succour magazine. An experimental narrative, it retells the story of Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey from the perspective of those people immediately outside the camera’s range. The issue, themed around the future, is launched at the Whitechapel Gallery on November 8.

December 07
‘Gravity: The Eternal Countdown’
Commission from Arts Catalyst to supply a text made up of 120 entries, each of which is connected to some a disaster, mishap or policy reversal that has set back the human exploration of space. The entries, together with their specific dates, accompany documentation of Aleksandra Mir’s ‘Gravity’ installation at the Roundhouse, published by Arts Catalyst as a calendar for 2008 and launched at the ICA.