Sunday, 25 January 2009

Lectures 2008

December 08
THE PURPLE DEATH: Further Notes on Camp and the Rise of the Lowbrow, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Five

MORPHOLOGY OF THE WOUND: Bodily Images of Ecstasy and Excess, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Four

November 08
‘No Retreat, No Surrender: Images of Ecstasy and Excess in Sport’ Joint lecture presentation with Dr Axel Vogelsang at University of Applied Sciences and Art, Institute of Design in Lucerne – containing preparatory material from ‘Morphology of the Wound’

‘Information as Art Form’ A lecture at Bern University of the Arts on the role of research and interdisciplinary practice in the use of text, music and film: an expanded version of the Walsall College lecture, including a screening of ‘SpaceBaby’, plus a presentation on the themes of ‘Welcome to Mars’ and a reading from the book. This was followed by an afternoon workshop with the students and Dr Axel Vogelsang

‘Welcome to the Labyrinth’ An informal talk given at the University of Applied Sciences and Art, Institute of Design in Lucerne, based on the first lecture in the Bright Labyrinth series exploring the digital regime, ‘assemblage critique’ and the concept of design as thought.

TOWARDS A SOCIAL HISTORY OF MACHINES: History and Hardware, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Three

THE FUTURE IS WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU’RE DEAD: We Connect Marshall McLuhan with Herbert Marcuse, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Two

October 08
WELCOME TO THE LABYRINTH: Travels in the Digital Regime, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture One

January 08
‘Information as Art Form’ Lecture on the use of text, music and video to Fine Art students at Walsall College