Sunday, 24 February 2013

Print Media 2012

KH’s essay ‘Spaceship UK’ appears in a limited-edition booklet The Twilight Language of Nigel Neale, designed by Rob Carmichael and edited by Sukhdev Sandhu published in conjunction with the Cathode Ray Séance event in New York on November 17, 2012. The volume is now available via mail order from Strange Attractor Press.

‘Spirit Horns’
Online publication as a PDF download from Metasound  of KH’s ‘Spirit Horns, Parts One and Two’, originally composed as blog posts describing an afternoon spent with some Edison phonographs in the company of Michael Esposito and Aleksander Kolkowski. A direct link to the PDF can be found hereThe author profile on the Metasound platform can be found here.
The Aleksander Kolkowski ‘Phonographies’ recording of KH reading from Welcome to Mars into an Edison phonograph can be found here.

‘Living in Space: A Sequence of Texts’
This specially commissioned essay for the catalogue to the Sonores Festival in Portugal was published in both English and Portuguese as a parallel text in a perfect bound volume, Sonores: Sound Space Signal, (OOPSA, 2012).
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Alien Transmissions at Sonores

‘The Image Demands to be Heard’
Essay on Cabaret Voltaire's use of film and video in their music production as a booklet insert for the Johnny YesNo DVD/CD box set released by Mute Records.