Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lectures 2009

November 09
HISTORY AND HARDWARE: A Lecture on the Mechanical Reproduction of Sound and Vision
Lecture to BA Graphic Design students at Central St Martins.
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THE FUTURE IS BACK: A Lecture on Marshall McLuhan
Lecture to BA Graphic Design students at Central St Martins.
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March 09
WELCOME TO THE LABYRINTH: Some Further Thoughts on Requiem for the Network’Lecture given at the Akademie der K√ľnste in Berlin, March 21, as part of the exhibition programme for Embedded Art: Art in the Name of Security.
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INVADING PRESENT TIME: The Politics of Simulation, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Nine

February 09
FROM THE DREAM OF VENUS TO ATLANTIS IN HI-FI, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Eight

DURATION Or the Birth of Chance Out of the Spirit of Music, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Seven

January 09
GODZILLA HAS LEFT THE BUILDING - And How He Got There, The Bright Labyrinth, Lecture Six