Sunday, 29 March 2009

Events and Performances 2009

December 09
Pathological Over-Sharing
Ken Hollings participates in a panel discussion with Becky Hogge and Paul May at Resonance FM’s Media Playground event at the Foundry in London – the panel is recorded for future broadcast in 2010.
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A Factory Night (and then again)
Ken Hollings performs with Biting Tongues at Plan K in Brussels as part of a special night dedicated to the legacy of Factory Records.
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Midnight Cowboy Screen Talk at Barbican
For the third and concluding part of Barbican’s Stranger in Town season of screenings and lectures, Ken Hollings joins Eddi Fiegel in a discussion of the 1968 movie Midnight Cowboy.

September 09
Modern History
Special event at the Horse Hospital, screening of Mark Boswell's feature film ‘The Subversion Agency’ plus Ken Hollings reading from Welcome to Mars and a Q&A with the audience.
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Nova Kino at the Cambridge Film Festival
Ken Hollings joins Mark Boswell onstage at Arts Picture House as part of this year’s Cambridge Film Festival to discuss the radical US filmmaker’s approach to using found footage to alter its ideological content.

Interesting 2009
Ken Hollings comperes the final quarter of Interesting 09, an all-day conference organized by Russell Davies and held at the Conway Hall.
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July 09
Moon Landing Party
Held at Islington Mill a fringe event for this year’s Manchester Festival in honour of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo XI mission, the Moon Landing Party featured a reading by Ken Hollings from Welcome to Mars, plus a performance with Biting Tongues.
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June 09
Lonely Creatures at the Green Room
A multimedia performance at the Green Room in Manchester, based on texts written and present by Ken Hollings – featuring films by Howard Walmsley, music by Hot Bone, Howard Walmsley and Graham Massey.
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MA-tters: Reflections on Postgraduate Design Education.
Ken Hollings moderates a panel discussion among students on their experiences of postgraduate design education. Hosted by Central St Martins.

April 09
The Other Other Cinema
Ken Hollings introduces an evening of films by Craig Baldwin, Damon Packard and Mark Boswell at the Horse Hospital.

Dressing the Assassin
Ken Hollings presents a set of introductory remarks at a screening of the David Ellis film about Roger K Burton of the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection held in the Insititute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Welcome to Mars reading at Spectra 09
A presentation of material from Welcome to Mars at the annual international conspiracy culture conference held in Valencia.
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January 09
Requiem for the Network: Six Degrees of Devastation
Installation of four panels created in collaboration with designer Rathna Ramanathan for the exhibition Embedded Art: Art in the Name of Security, curated by Olaf Ardnt and Janneke Schönenbach of BBM in association with Moritz von Rappard and Cecilia Wee and shown at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin from January 21 – March 22 2009.
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