Saturday, 10 January 2009

Events and Performances 2006

September 06
‘We Are All Depraved’
Live reading of an edited version of the text ‘We Are All Depraved’
back by Oort as part of a Resonance FM live broadcast from the central hall of the Camden Roundhouse, during Arts Catalyst’s Space Soon event. September 12.

‘Tintin and the Secret of Literature’
KH in conversation with Tom McCarthy at the French Institute on the subject of Hergé's Tintin. September 13.

August 06
London Noir launch event
Contributors to London Noir, including KH, Martyn Waites, Cathi Unsworth and Max DeCharné, present readings from their work to a live electronic soundtrack provided by Dave Knight.

‘Switzerland and Other Islands’
Aleksandra Mir’s exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zurich, featuring specially commissioned set of 40 texts by KH: ‘An Inventory of Other Islands for Aleksandra Mir’. August 18 – October 8

June 06
‘2D Exegesis: Magazine publishing and the legacy of George Bataille's Documents’
As part of the exhibition ‘Undercover Surrealism’, Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor Journal, Adam Scrivener of Inventory Journal and KH discuss the legacy of Georges Bataille’s Documents in their work. ‘There is no collective consciousness - only acts of communication that acknowledge a condition of absolute isolation have any chance of survival. In a media-saturated culture, 2-D magazines maintain and create offline communities of the mind.’ Gallery 4, Hayward Gallery, June, 30.