Saturday, 10 January 2009

Print Media 2005

‘Activate Only When Absolutely Necessary: Utopian Memories in the Documentary Films of Mika Taanila’
Essay for the exhibition catalogue, Mika Taanila, Human Engineering, published by the Migros Museum Für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich.

‘Robot Power, Robot Pride: A Vindication of the Rights of Machines’ Essay for Strange Attractor Journal Two, published by Strange Attractor Press, London.
‘Entertaining, informative, evocatively scripted’ – Time Out

‘A Muscular Joy: Tod Dockstader in Conversation, Westport Connecticut April 2005’
Late-night radio mystique and the science of tape manipulation, cartoon soundtracks and computer software with one of the pioneers of electronic music in the US, originally published in The Wire, issue 256 for June 2005. To read this essay online click here.

‘King Kong Appears in Edo: A Literal Translation’
Specially commissioned essay, published in the critical anthology King Kong Cometh! edited by Paul A. Woods and published by Plexus Books, London.

‘Godzilla Has Left The Building – A Personal Reflection’
Issue 7 of Nude magazine for Winter 2005. ‘Godzilla has always been good to me over the years, the way only a bad dream can be.’