Tuesday 26 February 2013

Lectures 2012

Most of my lectures took place in academic environments during the course of 2012. Over seven weeks between October and December 2012 I was again asked to present my lecture series to MA Communication Design students at Central Saint Martins. The themes were Media, Machines, Networks, Spaces, Dreams, Events, Cognition, following the same basic pattern as in previous years, but the lectures were also greatly expanded incorporating screenings of extended movie and documentary clips, breakout discussions and seminars. To expand the depth these still further I also presented a series of ‘Networks’ workshops to students on the Central St Martins MA Innovation Management course. Other lectures were given at Middlesex University and the University of Brighton School of Art. In addition to these I was also invited to speak at the following events:

October 11
A lecture on Ludwig II of Bavaria, alchemy, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson as part of the English Heretic AGM held at the Masonic Hall in Bath

May 4
Late-night lecture delivered as part of the Sonores festival in Guimaraes, Portugal  - the talk was streamed live from the Sonores website and was available as a podcast for the dureation of the festival.

March 25
Lecture in the Wellcome Library on William Sargant, behaviour modification and neuro-terrorism, introduced by Quentin Cooper, as part of the Wellcome Institute’s programme of talks ‘The Thing Is…’
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