Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lectures 2011

December 2
Lecture at Tate Britain on the Pre-Raphaelite painter’s greatest work, The Golden Stairs before a late-night audience as part of the Tate Rehang initiative.

December 1
Lecture on architecture and social control as part of ‘There’s a Riot Goin’ On’, a special panel convened to discuss the August 2011 riots in the UK. Also taking part are Suzanne Moore, Gavin Knight, Daiv Mathews and KH

May 5
KH lectures about outer space, architecture and human consciousness as part of the Strange Attractor Salon at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London

April 7
KH lectures on Ludwig II, Crown Prince Rudolf, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson as part of ‘Pretty –Ugly’ an event at the Gopher Hole, London

February 11
Lecture on John  Cage’s influence on text and its relationship to music as part of Off The Page, a festival on the practice of music and writing, organized by Sound and Music in association with The Wire, Playhouse Theatre, Whistable

February 2
Ecole de recherches graphiques, Brussels as part of their CORPS/MACHINE series

January 26