Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Events and Performances 2010

September 10
‘Hitler: A Film From Germany’
Introductory remarks given at the start of an all-day screening of this remarkable seven-hour film by Hans Hans-Jürgen Syberberg at the Horse Hospital, London, September 4.
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May 10
‘Sonic Warfare: The Politics of Frequency’
Panel discussion with Steve Goodman and Derek Walmsley on the military-entertainment complex, network strategies, dangerous wavelengths, media battlefields and war porn, as part of the Wire Salon at Café Oto, London, May 6 – the discussion was recorded and later broadcast by Resonance FM.
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Embedded Art
Welcome to Mars

January 10
‘Welcome to Mars’  
Reading with screening and live electronic accompaniment by Bruce Woolley and Mark Pilkington as part of the Strange Attractor Salon at Viktor Wind Fine Art, London, January 22. The performance was recorded and subsequently made available online via Archive.Org.
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Welcome to Mars