Saturday, 10 January 2009

Print Media 1998

‘I am Singing’
Extract from the unpublished novel The Songs of Yma Sumac in Issue 41 of Gargoyle Magazine. This is the opening sequence from the work and is one of only two extracts currently in print.

‘Welcome to Earthquake Island’
Edited version of ‘Tokyo Must Be Destroyed’ published to accompany a season of disaster movies organized by Aleksandra at the Oslo film festival, Norway, 1998.

‘We Are All Depraved’'
Wij Allen Zijn Verdorven: Criswell Voorspelt, Deel Twee: Een naschrift voor detoekomst. Dead Men in Cars Mix. Complete text of the touring show translated into Dutch by Attention Translation Agency, Den Haag and published in an illustrated booklet by Huis A/D Werf in association with the Stichtung Gaudemus to accompany the live tour of Holland with Huib Emmer, 1998. This and other texts are still available from the CTHEORY website , click here for more details.

‘Apocalypse Hawaiian Style’
John Cage plays South Pacific for the US armed forces, Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman at Bikini Atoll, Les Baxter, Nelson Riddle and Offshore America, the rise of global Elvis. Published in the August issue of The Wire.

‘Godzilla: Mon Amour: in loving memory, 1954-1998’
The origins, film career and death of Godzilla, plus a brief guide to his entire movie appearances to date. Published in the May issue of Sight and Sound.

‘Babylon Regained’
New York, ‘city of orgies’: Jack Smith, Tony Conrad, LaMonte Young, Kenneth Anger, Mick Jagger, Angus MacLise, Andy Warhol. Published in the November issue of The Wire.

‘Space People’
An extract from We Are All Depraved, reproduced in Fringecore issue 4 to accompany the touring version of the essay as a live show featuring spoken word, live electronics and video projections.

Numerous reviews and short articles were also published by Sight and Sound, The Wire and Neon magazine during 1998.