Saturday, 10 January 2009

Events and Performances 2001

Night of 1000 Monsters
A special kinoKULTURE film screening, programmed and introduced by Ken Hollings Godzilla vs Destoroyah (1995), Uh-oh…Dynamo, a half-hour Powerpuff Girls adventure, Dead Duck, a screening of performance by Savage Pencil and Billy Chainsaw, filmed by Nick Abrahams, plus a reading from Destroy All Monsters,The Horse Hospital, London, September 29, 2001

‘Seriously…Vox n Roll, November 9 2001’
Reading from Destroy All Monsters with electronic effects by Simon JamesFilthy McNasty’s Bar & Whisky CafĂ©, London,

Strange Atractor: Event Number No. 1
Panel discussion on conspiracy theories and whether a little paranoia might be good for you with Jon Ronson, David V Barrett and Ken Hollings, the Horse Hospital, July 10, 2001

‘Copyright Control’
Music theatre performance for mezzo-soprano, instrumental ensemble, live electronics and video projection by Huib Emmer, libretto by KH
Libretto in six parts: ‘The Talker’, ‘No Hooks No Wires’, ‘The Trance’, ‘A Hand of Light is Reaching Out’, ‘The Voice of Stealth’, ‘Heaven Has Changed’, ‘The Talker (Reprise)’
Performed by Jannie Pranger with Ken Hollings as the voice of stealth,Touring show, the Netherlands November-December 2001