Saturday, 24 January 2009

Events and Performances 2007

October 07
‘Sputnik and Beyond’
First of two events to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of Sputnik: a special screening at the ICA of archive footage, taken from David Hoffman’s feature-length documentary The Fever of 57, with a narrative written and read by Ken Hollings, together with an accompanying soundtrack performed live by Thomas Dolby, The Radio Science Orchestra and Lydia Kavina. The ICA, October 3. To watch a complete video of this performance, click here.

July 07
‘Tales of the Ratfink’
As part of the first UK screening of Ron Mann’s Tales of the Ratfink, a feature-length documentary on the life of graphic artist and custom car designer Ed Roth, KH and illustrator Savage Pencil hold a public discussion of Roth’s influence on underground culture and design. The Horse Hospital, July 27. Their conversation is later broadcast on Resonance FM.

May 07
‘The Secret Public’
To coincide with The Secret Public, a retrospective show featuring underground art made in the UK during the 1980s, KH chairs a panel discussion at the ICA with Christine Binnie of the Neo Naturists, David Dawson of the B2 Gallery and video artist Akiko Hada. May 9.

‘Dashiel Hammett Night’
KH, along with fellow contributors to the Serpents Tail anthology London Noir, presents a night of readings from the work of US crime fiction writer Dashiel Hammett. Also taking part are Cathi Unsworth, Martyn Waites, Max Decharné and the Sandy Dillon Band. The Horse Hospital, May 19

February 07
Biting Tongues Performance
The first performance with members of the original Biting Tongues since their reunion at the ICA in 2003, takes place at Islington Mill, a new gallery and performance space in Salford, near Manchester. ‘Effortless ferocity…the Tongues are back as exhilarating and urgent as ever’ The Wire.

January 07
‘Dr X’
Ken Hollings presents a reading at the Permanent Gallery, Brighton, on January 26 of ‘Dr X’: a text originally commissioned as part of a mixed-media presentation for the Royal Institution in London. The event is organized by the Hammett Story Agency with Arts Council funding; and the reading is recorded for a future download.

Rational Rec Presents ‘Rational Review of 2006’
Funded by the Arts Council, Rational Rec’s ‘Rational Review of 2006’ takes place on January 9: an annual look back at the best film, talk and music from the previous year. Taking part in the review panel are: Jason E Bowman - artist, curator, arts consultant: Ken Hollings – writer, broadcaster, lecturer Gillian Moore – head of Contemporary Culture, South Bank Centre Sally O’Reilly – art writer, critic and event organiser. Chaired by Cecilia Wee (Salon or Seminar, Resonance FM) at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, London.